Healing spaces for the soulful seekers that transcend the limiting boundaries that religions, practices & disciplines may bring upon them in their quest to live in sync with the divine consciousness.

Explore ancient wisdom or venture into the future with the objective to preserve, regenerate and transform mind, body, soul, and Gaia.

Love for FORESTS and NATURAL – Housing, farming, regenerative community living.

Enabling healers, preachers, spiritual seekers, theologians, mindfulness and yoga guides etc., to continue what they do by welcoming them into an intentional community.

Across Bharat and the rest of the planet, we are working with farms and forest preservation communities to transform them into self sustainable eco-villages and food-forests based on the principles of permaculture and natural farming. Where, one can experience gift culture and abundance creation/ sharing; nature’s intended way of life.

On this journey, we came across many beings who have gone out of their way to implement the right practices of farming, natural housing, healing, and sharing their knowledge and mother earth’s gifts with the community.

We welcome beings who have been working towards preserving and transforming our environment, food, minds, souls, and lifestyle. Because, it’s time for the Healers, Spiritual Seekers, and Givers to Gain!