Gurukulam Based Community Living Workshop at Rishi Muni Gurukula, Sodhan, Rourkela, Odisha


Rishi Muni Ashram Gurukul is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Gurukulam based Community Living workshop.

Dates –
Batch I: 15th to 22nd Jan 2023
Batch II: 23rd to 30th Jan 2023

Venue: Sodhan, Rourkela, Odisha
[Nearest Airport: Jharsuguda International or BBSR Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Rourkela
Cabs available to Jagda Pragati School, Sodhan]

Seats are limited.

Please contact the following to reserve your place in advance or for any inquiries. (Call/ WhatsApp).

Acharya Sanjay – 9437580589
Suchismita – 7978684005, or
Mayank – 9845199081

🀝 Volunteers who are interested to assist in execution, are invited to come and join the workshop on work exchange and minimal voluntary financial contribution basis.

The preparations begins soon; come and join us!

Gurukulam & Community Living Workshop Welcome Kit

Venue:  Sodhan, Jagda, Rourkela, Odisha


Batch I – 15th Jan –22nd  Jan
Batch II – 23rd  Jan – 29th Jan

Accommodations: Sodhan, Rourkela

The main office of Rishi Muni Ashram is in Sodhan, Jagda, Rourkela that administers all the trainings and activities of the Ashram in Odisha. Here there is a small farm stay (Dormitory – 1 bigger room + 2 smaller rooms), 3 toilets and bathrooms.

Accommodation: Deogarh

Mud house (4 rooms) inside jungle, 2 toilets, open bathing near the wells, riverside for cooking, cotton floor mats, mattresses, bed sheets & pillow covers, woolen blankets, pillows, groundwater drinking water, hot bathing water rod, internet, & electricity will be available.


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner provided from community kitchen having wood fired mud stove with ingredients sourced from the host farm/ neighboring farms/ local markets.

Main activity

Gurukulam workshops included in the schedule will be happening on all workshop days.

The participants will get free horoscope chart analysis with suggestion for karmic cleansing and purushartha, remedies, yogic cleansing techniques, and mud therapy.

Topics to be discussed in 7 days:

  • Introduction, astrological analysis, initiation with group yajya, discussion on streams of Gurukul, and the basic components needed for community living.
  • Basics of astrology, the need of astrology in Gurukul, person’s life, astrological analysis of each individual, astrological therapy for energy management, solution to personal problem.
  • Introduction to spirituality, nine schools of Indian philosophy, different paths of yoga (bhakti, karma, jyana, Rajayoga), personal spiritual path would be recommended as per pending karma and energy axis.
  • Some yogic cleansing techniques to be taught, mud therapy, diet chart, holistic lifestyle, discussion on achieving a healthy life, different techniques and streams of swasthya Gurukul.
  • The ancient and vedic techniques in agriculture, discussion on Subash Palekar method of natural farming, multilayer farming, seed conservation, etc.
  • The significance of desi cows in community living, self-sustainable system, introduction to Panchgavya, products to be made from five elements of cow’s (cow-dung, cow-urine, butter, milk, ghee), visiting Panchagavya industry site and goshala.
  • The ancient martial arts including sword, stick, kung fu, karate and it’s origin.
  • Visiting project site, riverside party, tourism to nearby places, understanding the flora, fauna, karma yoga.

Other activities: 

Apart from the above, we will have a few other workshops/ activities that you can choose based on your interest, subject to availability of the workshop/ activity.

They may be as follows –

Morning (Daily)

Morning Hike in forest trails.
Yogasanas, Dhyan & Yoganidra

Day/ Evening (Daily)

Participate in natural farming activities on the homestead farm

Participate in Community Cooking – 

Roots, Beans & Pulses, Leafy Greens and Vegetables, Cereals – Radish, Yams, Sweet Potato, Taro Root; Rice Bean, Black Dal, Green Gram Beans; cucumber, Mustard greens; Pumpkins, Chayote, Bottle Gourds; Ragi, Corn Rice,Millets, Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Rice are being sourced from natural farming communities nearby and local markets.

Night (Daily – Post Dinner)

Bonfires, Drum Circle, Camping, Dance, Music, Star Gazing, Story Telling, or Book/ Poetry Reading, Performing and Visionary Arts.

Open Activities (to choose from)

Will be articulated and communicated on an on-going basis. We will try to accommodate scheduling requests on a best effort basis. 

  • Spiritual and Physical Healing & Nutritional Discourse + Healing Camp
  • Riverside camping
  • Village Visits – Heritage Homestead Farms & Building Tours, Nursery, Traditional Animal Husbandry (Desi Cows & Other Indigenous Breeds), Tribal Cultural Immersion, etc.
  • Nature Trekking – Caves, Riverside, Foraging Wild Forest Foods, Fauna & Bird Watching
  • Possible Visits Nearby – Vedvyas mandir, Vaishnodevi mandir, Deogarh Pradhanpat waterfall, Rishimuni Gurukul Ashram and food forest.


  • Punctuality – It’s understandable that time slows down in an Ashram but please try and pace yourself in a way that you are in sync with the stipulated times for the meals and workshops. 
  • Food schedules will ideally be maintained as food will be cooked based on the number of participants & volunteers at the Ashram. Please try to inform the community kitchen team  in advance if you wish to skip meals.
  • If you wish to switch off from the schedule at any time and immerse yourself into impromptu activities, you are free to do so; just let us know.
  • Mutual Respect & Reciprocity – Your fellow workshop participants come from a diverse background. This a profoundly healing and sacred place; you will be nourished by natural foods and living waters. Prepare to experience a different level of camaraderie with people; we can hold space for others through gratitude and appreciation.
  • Reach out to volunteers in case of any questions or concerns.
  • Hard Liquor & Psychedelics are prohibited. 
  • Smoking & cigarette, eating or cooking non-vegetarian food is not allowed.
  • Non-biodegradable waste must be discarded at the recycling center.

Farm stay and workshop location

The workshop will take place at the head office of Rishimuni Ashram at Rourkela, Sodhan, Jagda. One can easily reach out with a cab from Rourkela railway station. Participants can contact us in case of any guidance needed to reach the venue. Alternatively, we can arrange the local pick-up from our side.

Centre Location

How to reach:

Nearest railway station:  Rourkela

Nearest airport:  Jharsuguda International Airport or BBSR Airport

Cab routes:  Rourkela railway station –>  Jagda Pragati school, Sodhan

(Call us for co-ordination for the shared cab arrangements and timings, so that we can try and arrange cabs that will bring you directly to the spot at Sodhan from Rourkela railway station.)

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes for the duration of the workshop (Sweaters, thermals, socks, woolen hat, gloves, Shawl, etc.) We will provide blankets, yet you should carry from your side as temperature is expected to fall during this time.
  • Quality Water Bottle
  • Toiletries (as needed)
  • Torch/ headlamp/ flashlight
  • Personal Medications (if needed)
  • Mosquito nets & own bedsheets. We will provide bedding and blankets.
  • Yoga Mats 
  • Your birth chart, kundli for astrological analysis, if interested.
  • You can also carry your musical instruments. 

Suggested contribution

9000/- per participant

Bank details 

Bank Details provided for sharing your suggested contribution, upon confirmation:

Name: Champa Kansari
SBI Bank Account Number
Account No. 20173718060 
Phonepe No. – +91 86581 32344

Please send a message to Suchismita after the transfer with a screenshot.

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