Create A Wild Sacred Space

One small portion of land protected by allowing the soil to become a sponge.
Build natural check dams to channel the rain water back into the soil and keep sewage water out!

Observe insects dig tunnels and plant roots create channels through the soil. Thus loosening it up for aeration and water absorption through sponginess.

Recharge channels naturally exist in wild natural soil. Insects and plants channel water back into the underground aquifers. Check dams also filter and keep the sewage out.

A wild sacred zone acts as a sink hole for all the fresh water, and a safe haven for native biodiversity.

Nature feels safe again even with one small portion of sacred wild space. Let’s express our intention to flow.

So, how do we create a wild sacred zone?

The following steps are a guide to implement our simple solution.

Step 1: Scout And Map Area

Scout and map area for:

  • Sewage water in and out
  • Flood zones
  • Wild zones
  • Birds and animals
  • Roads
  • Dumps
  • Encroachments

Assessing the various situations to understand the dynamic operations of this diverse landscape

Step 2: Mark A Completely Wild Sacred Zone

Mark a completely wild sacred zone to consecrate the space with idols, and sacred threads. Plant giant thorny agave to keep people totally out.

  • Identify a reasonably revivable sacred wild zone that doesn’t disturb any human, or human activity. It will be left to grow into a Devara Kaadu
  • Identify sufficient zones of gentlest sloping areas around to contain maximum biodiversity

Focusing on the solution that is in reviving the soil

Step 3: Keep Garbage Dumping Out

Keep garbage dumping out, especially from the roadside by adding fencing with thorny native trees.

Step 4: Build A Check Dam

Build the first feature required as marked on the map: Check Dam

  • Collect rainwater
  • Keep sewage out
  • Reduce flooding

To stop the flow of sewage into the wild sacred zone we will pile mud to build check dams and channel sewage flow back into drains

Step 5: Onboard Caretaking Community

  • On-board motivated individuals along with local stakeholder residents
  • Quality and benefits of our simple solution needed to be explained clearly
  • Identify local, bureaucratic, and political people people in power who need to support our plan for winning public support
  • On-board and explain the plan clearly to them
  • Patrolling of area to be established on long term basis to get the plan rolling.

Protect your life. It’s the only one you have!


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