Invitation to the Solan Shivir

You are most welcome to attend the Shivir to understand and gain awareness about Natural Living 💚aka Prakrutik Jeevan Shailee 💚

Shivir Details🏔️🏡👇🏻
Starting Date:- 18th March, Saturday 2023
Duration:- Fifteen Days
Venue:- Kuftu (Solan, Himachal Pradesh)

Major Takeaways

🔹Learn to live with Natural Abundance
🔹Food and Stay will be provided in Natural Shelters
🔹Dry Weather Composting Toilets available for use

By the end of the Workshop Participants will be able to 👇🏻

🔹 Live in the Shelter built during the shivir
🔹 Sleep on the Beds * built during the shivir
🔹 Cook Food in the Oven * built during the shivir
🔹 Learn how Water can be Pumped Uphill without the use of fuel or electricity
🔹 Learn how food can be Grown Effortlessly
🔹 Learn how Cooking can be Fun
🔹 Learn how Healing happens Naturally
🔹 Experience Folk Dances and many many more ‼️

If you resonate with this 😇

Join Us ‼️👇🏻


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Insitu slacked lime, surkhi, straw, soil mix getting ready for rammed earth wall

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