The Compelling Truth – Heartha Sanctuary, Kurangani, Tamil Nadu

We people need to stop our monstrous entitled dismissive contemptuous way of life. We are at an ecological holocaust. Our planet future depends on bio diversity, the variability of trees, wildlife, pollinators, soil microorganisms, mycelium etc. There is no more a need to wait for devastation or watch apocalyptic documentaries after the series of events from our own lifespan.

Aren’t recent natural disasters: proof enough!! Nature is not ONLY ours to destroy mindlessly. Detriment of nature, mindless construction & land use have exacerbated all these impacts, particularly in ecological vulnerable regions. 

The point of life?

  • Hardly has any pristine “natural Nature” left to experience;
  • Better food or non-pesticide food has to be named organic or natural;
  • There is shortage of natural/ organic food and thus its unaffordable by many;
  • Even growing ourself is no more an option to healthy living food.
  • Uranium easier to find than Natural heirloom seeds.
  • Toxic paid bottled water is considered drinkable to only quench one’s thirst as its evils are never immediate in relation to most other natural free sources.
  • Even our very homes and clothes are killing us slowly.
  • Toxic fumes, abrasive chemicals our reality.
  • Is Natural Food the new fossil fuel?
  • Is Air, the next bottled paid water?

Is all this a result of overthinking anxiety?

  • We may have access to better technology, electricity, many wonders of human creation but at what cost?
  • To live faster aren’t we actually giving a share of our life/time in return.   
  • Aren’t immense resources spent to restore a damaged degraded nature and to rediscover the secrets of our ancestors.
  • We realise we have better technology or is it just our ego?
  • Our ancestors clearly did it better and we absolutely can’t even figure how, let alone do the same.  
  • Is this only how we could have evolved?
  • Are we mere ignorant puppets to this caged existence?
  • We work hard to earn to be able to pay to live here, for a better life than the beings who live for free only to realise we are only paying for our slow demise and what makes it even worse is that we are killing others too by our very selfish actions of ignorance, greed, ego and pride.
  • Is this the life we want to give our future generations and other beings of our home? In fact, we can only hope we can give at least this much because it is self- evident that they will have it only much – much worse.

Challenge accepted?

Is it not, a much more priority to conserve what we have left and now?
SAVE WHAT EXISTS or is it that only restoring gives us a sense of ownership? Surely easier to do and definitely sell.
Are we so detached from Nature, Or just on the wrong side of Nature?
How did the extinct animal or endangered nature have a role to deserve our arrogance? Is the wild; illegal to deserve our wrath?
The Wild has been Murdered, Raped, Humiliated, taken for Granted; OVER AND OVER.

Will we realise they are the greatest victim of our actions?
Can’t we dream together of a world where the wild, humans and nature live in harmony?
To give more than receive to share space and meaningful conversation, dance with each other in the music of nature.
To look upon the stars not just in awe but also to realise we may be a spec just as we see each but also can shine as bright, powerful and is mysterious.
Gaia/ Nature our true teacher – brings about realisation within us.
Self is truly for others.
By Giving very magically you have more.
What you seek is within you.
To observe is to realise.

Nature nurtured Bio-reserve sanctuary @ Kurangani

  • Conservation – Restoring balance.
  • Self-Sustaining Thriving Bio Diverse Food Forest at Kurangani, Tamil Nadu (Near Theni & Bodinayaknur)
  • Creation of Wildlife Corridor
  • Make availability of natural heirloom seed source – (fruit, herbs, food)
  • An abode for all to Experience Harmonious Natural Wild community living.
  • Creating a bible for conservation efforts.
  • Atop a steep hill in a valley between Munnar and Kodaikanal.
  • Surrounding it are Pambadum Shola National Park, Anaimudi National Park, Eravikulam National Park, Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary and Mathikettan Shola.
  • South-east to south-west facing land with two streams of water source / waterfalls throughout the year.
  • Great trek routes / off road ride or drives.
  • No electricity or lines going above or nearby.
  • Mobile phone reception when required, some points are available for calls and 4G internet.

Discovered, freed and commenced on Jan 2015

To Restore forest               –                Nature reserve              –              A Biosphere.

  • Conserve & create the sub tropic forest/wildlife corridor and its unique diversity
  • Support and learn from indigenous tribes to work hand in hand by sharing work, knowledge and compassion – Learn from experience, action, and results.
  • Self-experiment of core team living within this forest to discover;
    • 100% sustainable way of life and Abundant sharing economy.
    • True absolute learning by connecting to the wild, foraging and natural ways.
  • To slowly repopulate the region with more wild animals and desired plants and trees by natural selection.
  • Hasten the natural process of self-multiplying the sustaining bio diverse forest.
  • Conserve, Protect and preserve diverse forests nearby
  • Connect national parks and sanctuaries to become a wildlife corridor.
  • Create an abundant holistic healing natural living community space for present and future generation to experience in real-time the possibilities of harmonious life with nature and all wildlife.

Story so Far and Beyond

  • Documented Stories and knowledge; some of the tribes of south India.
  • Detailed report made on the Western Ghats.
  • Detailed research on an extreme invasive weed and to remove it efficiently with also empowering the indigenous tribes.
  • Connected, hosted, volunteered with many likeminded individuals and resources from around the World. (more from India, Auroville) These individuals are willing to support, with their basics needs met, as and when called upon.
  • Identified the inhabitant beings, plants fungi etc. and their purposes.
  • Soil and water testing done.
  • The history of the forest, human changes and errors made and making.
  • Realised with just removing hindrances; forest naturally fast forwards.
  • Lived in, experienced, experimented the land for over 3 years.
  •  Identified many edible wild plants and forest natural fruits.
  • Grew many vegetables for research purposes.
  • Befriended many wild animals to share abundance rather their need of aggressive ways.
  • Planted fruit trees, herbs, spices; saplings from the same and similar forests.
  • Cleared over 3 acres of invasive species to research and observe. 
  • Devised an approach; In combination of permaculture, miywaki, do nothing/no till farming.
  • A house available with required modern amenities; for ease of accessibility, safe storage and transition.  (An hour away)
  • Built an off-road vehicle that can support the transportation of natural materials, people, plants when required.
  • Semi off road bike for one person with luggage.

Minimum Support Required

A space for safe storing of tools, materials, food; Safe from environment and pests. Enabling 1 to 5 of compassionate beings to stay and serve.
A Vermicomposting toilet as Humanure is toxic to soil.
Mitigate the detrimental effects of degradation and endangerment.

  1. Fencing of some parts to avoid poaching – hunting of wild animals. Eventually with them feeling safe free and wild.
  2. Planting of bamboo on steep slopes for top soil erosion
  3. Planting cactus and mycelium for water storage, soil health, soil network.
  4. Increasing soil health by mulching – composting for better top soil

Requires intensive & targeted management to conserve the eco-system.
Devise and apply more decisive climate – proofing actions.
Creation of Water storage.
Daily wages for empowering, Inclusion and participation of local & indigenous communities to initially include them in natural activities and experience, learning together and from each other.

Dear Humane Beings

It’s our duty to at least restore the Spirit of such movements to effectively counter resource exhaustion.
We must become guardians to forests that may otherwise disappear forever – true stewards of conservation.

We all have a role to play to preserve biological heritage in its entirety. Saving a rare species & seeing it thrive again, to protect & defend the cornerstone of environmental balance =” The Trees” gives absolute immense sense of gratitude.

Everyone has duty to preserve nature for posterity, future generations; not just by consciousness even by constitution (law) (Article 51G and corporate social responsibility c.s.r), By calculation each person of 8 billion needs to plant 36 trees each at least to slow the demise of our home the earth.

Contribution & Account Details

ICICI Bank Account No. – 001601030544
IFSC Code – ICIC0000016
Gpay, Paytm and WhatsApp – 9745753899

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